Specific Development

The concept conceived in 2012 by Marcello Aghilone, founder of the Production Functional Factory company and inventor of Bimp’Air Solutions range, was to create air through cycling. The energy supplied by the bicycle while moving would make possible the inflation of its tires and tubes in full autonomy. It was then necessary to develop a miniaturized capsule to store air under high pressure. Those capsules are currently available in 3 formats (Caps.130, Caps.220 and CAps.250) and rechargeable with 3 different gases ( Air, CO2 and Nitrogen). In order to recharge the capsule, a miniaturized high-pressure compressor has been developed, that can be operated mechanically or electrically. The internationally patented Bimp’Air Solutions range is the only range of products that allow the management of high-pressure miniaturized gas.

Within the Production Functional Factory company, a Research Desk for the Bimp’Air Solutions range has been integrated. This Desk allows us to carry out research and development to reach our principal aim: study all possible applications and adaptations of the Bimp’Air Solutions range in order to meet any gas requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need that Bimp’Air could meet!


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