The company

L'équipe Bimp'Air

Production Functional Factory (PFF) is an SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company) created 5 July 2012 around research and innovation to launch new products on the market.

Its guideline is summed up in its company purpose:
"Research, development, studies, advice, design, protection, adjustment, production and marketing of all innovative products, directly or indirectly through subcontracting."

The flagship project

The current project of PFF is the development and marketing of an innovative bicycle accessory.

Bimp’Air is a system for inflating tires, forks and shock absorbers of bikes and the tubeless, meeting all the needs of air of the cyclist. Consisting of a compressed air capsule up to 50 bar/725 psi and a miniaturized high pressure system to load; the innovation is also to use the energy produced by the bike to create air.

To start: an idea. Then, the analysis of the technical feasibility, market researches, financing, design and development of product, legal elements, structuring of the team, industrialization, sales and communication up to the culmination of a high quality and breakthrough product launched on the international market.

Inventor of the Bimp’Air system and founding partner of PFF, Marcello Aghilone: «The creation of PFF made the Bimp'Air project possible, to start from an idea to make it real and marketable, it is the synergy of skills and the human adventure which are at the heart of Innovation. »

This technological revolution in the field of inflation by the miniaturization of high pressure and its nomadic accessibility presents this day a strong interest in the field of cycling but also many opportunities for diversification into other markets.

The team

A professional, competent and multidisciplinary team working actively in PFF makes all of this possible.

It is to date composed of six active and very complementary people brought together around respect for the company's values: creativity, professionalism, synergy, commitment, thus bringing the conditions for innovation and performance in a spirit of sharing and contribution.

The company has internal control of technical, legal, financial, commercial, marketing and communication dimensions. With its cultural representativeness with four different nationalities, seven languages, a strong energy and openness to the world, the team of PFF tackles to the international market.

The vision

The Production Functional Factory SAS responds to a specific funding model that is active investment. It has a registered capital of 1.6 M€ thanks to the love money as well as a strategic association with its industrial partners.

A strategic Committee of high-level brings to the management team an important complement of expertise and network.

CEO Nancy Aghilone: «The experience of the Bimp’Air project brings us the skills and the necessary knowledge of the conduct of an innovative project from the idea to the realization. The alliance of rigor and flexibility is the key to the challenge of good ideas and develop them from A to Z. Our ambition is to reproduce the model for other innovative projects. »

  • Marcello Aghilone

    Marcello Aghilone

    Inventor del sistema Bimp’Air
  • Nancy Aghilone

    Nancy Aghilone

    Presidente y directriz marketing y comunicación
  • Alain Segura

    Alain Segura

    Director comercial
  • Jean Pierre Jalabert

    Jean Pierre Jalabert

    Director administrativo y financiero
  • Béatrice Aguilar

    Béatrice Aguilar

    Asistente Ejecutivo
  • Vincent Verdot

    Vincent Verdot

    Asistente Comercial

La energía de crear

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