“18 months of intensive support to grow your business!”

This is the ambition of LEADER OCCITANIE, the network of innovative companies in the Occitanie and Mediterranean Pyrenees region.

After applying at the beginning of the year, Bimpair was selected and joined the second promotion of the Occitanie Leader Accelerator 2021 dedicated to TPE.

What are their goals?

Federate, accelerate and secure the development of innovative companies. But also encourage exchanges between Leaders and support through the sharing of experience.

Find Bimpair among the 10 companies selected for this program: Seminars, training, individual support, networking, exchanges, etc.




A great perspective and intensive support to boost growth growth and intensive support to boost growth!

Interested in learning more about LEADER OCCITANIE?
Visit their website: https://www.leader-occitanie.fr/