Do you know one of BIMPAIR major innovation ?

Today, in the compressed air market, you can find many compressors, all different, all performing, But all cumbersome in a certain way.
Why? They are either heavy and bulky or small yes but must be connected to operate.

How to find the right balance between a small low-pressure compressor where you will quickly find yourself limited, and a large industrial compressor up to 200/300 Bars?
We have the answer—

In the middle, you will find BIMPAIR, a unique compression system in the industry: The Miniaturized High Pressure Compressor going up to 50 bars Bars.

This patented technology is a real know-how and technical mastery to produce High Pressure with minimal dimensions.

The Particularity is there, a mastered and miniaturized technology that holds in one hand, with a compressor of 128 long and 80 mm wide, for only 450g.

A real technological jewel sized for 50 Bars.

This unrivalled power in such dimensions is a real revolution in compressed air!

The second feature is the possibility of «removing» the tank. Comfort and mobility.
BIMPAIR invents the product that allows you to prolong the use of air that is disconnected, autonomous and especially rechargeable: The CAPSULE.

Complete this cutting-edge technology with the EWAY electric charger to fill your compressed and disconnected air tank in less than 6 minutes: the Nomade and Rechargeable Capsule!

It allows you to manage your operations with ease, loaded with air (12.5L). Rechargeable indefinitely, do not run out of air…





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